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From sandpaper to carbide grinding bits, abrasive products are one of those items that we all use virtually every day in the repair and service of machinery, as well as in the fabrication of new equipment. PDC stocks a wide range of grinding, sanding, drilling, and boring products to help you get your projects done! Contact us today and we will help you determine the correct product for your need.


PFERD is leading in the development, production and support, as well as in the distribution, of tool solutions for work on surfaces and material cutting. Founded in 1799, PFERD began by making files for blacksmiths (“PFERD” is German for “Horse”) in Marienheide, Germany. Progressively PFERD has developed expertise in manufacturing a wide variety of quality abrasives and cutting tools. With two centuries of experience, PFERD has become a global presence in the marketplace. PFERD offers “single-source” solutions for hand finishing, grinding, cutting, brushing and specialty applications.

Air Compressors

Compressed air systems have a variety of uses in both industrial and agricultural settings, from power tools to manufacturing processes, these compressed air systems are critical for your facilities operation.  PDC proudly stocks and supports the Curtis Air Compressor line, from small systems to large we are there to help you select the right machine for your needs.


Since 1854, FS-Curtis has carried on the tradition of producing high-quality, world-class industrial equipment in the U.S. heartland, St. Louis, MO. FS-Curtis has earned the reputation for building the most rugged industrial-duty air compressors you can buy. Offering  Reciprocating Air Compressors, Rotary Screw Air Compressors, andOil Free Screw Compressors.

Bearing Protection

Downtime is lost money!  Everyone knows that, but how do increase the reliability of your rotating shaft driven equipment?  The best way is to prevent debris from getting into the bearings or the bearing lubricants from getting out of the system and causing failures. Standard lip seals work, but only up to a point, they can fail in weeks and months and the maintenance cost and lost run time can mean real money lost. Installing Inpro/Seal bearing protection systems will help ensure that you don’t have lost time due to premature bearing failures. As your authorized Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois distributor of Inpro/Seal products, PDC is committed to helping you find the right solution to your bearing protection needs!


Inpro/Seal® is the world leader in the design and manufacture of custom engineered system and bearing protection for rotating equipment. Since inventing the original bearing isolator in 1977, Inpro/Seal® has upheld their commitment to deliver innovative sealing solutions and superior customer service; the right technology, right when you need it. Their technology increases the reliability of your applications and provides real cost savings by improving the mean time between repair (MTBR). All Inpro/Seal® products are custom engineered to fit your exact requirements and offer a permanent solution to many of the costly maintenance problems that disrupt normal production. Their outstanding customer service and streamlined production process allow for same day shipments on most products, including new designs. You’ll find Inpro/Seal’s distinct product line installed on a variety of rotating equipment across multiple industries.


Every mechanical process with moving parts utilizes bearings.  Bearings come in all shapes and sizes specifically designed for certain applications. Whether it is a Pillow Block, Roller Bearing, Radial Ball Bearing, or Bronze Bearing, PDC can satisfy all of your bearings needs. Contact any member of our sales team and they will make sure you get the right fit for your system!

IKO International, Inc.IKO

With 50 years of experience, IKO specializes in quality needle bearings, linear motion rolling guides, precision positioning tables and machine components. It is now a leading manufacturer with many remarkable achievements in this field. The needle roller bearing, which encompasses a thin needle-shaped roller has transformed the conventional image of a bearing employing round balls. As compared with the ball bearing and other roller bearings, it is small in size and light, but yet has a great load capacity. needle roller bearings help to make the overall equipment more compact, thus saving money and resources. At IKO, they offer our patented C-Lube technology in many of their products. This built-in lubrication system remains maintenance-free for 20,000km, and more. IKO products are highly regarded in the worldwide marketplace, and they strive to live up to the inspiration for IKO’s name: Innovation. Know How. Originality.


IPTCI’s complete line of mounted bearings combines quality, innovation and affordability to give you the advantage you need. Their advantage-focused service means providing customers with an edge over their competition. Whatever your mounted bearing needs, put the IPTCI advantage-focus to work for you.


Nachi is a worldwide manufacturer of innovative products: bearings, precision cutting tools, hydraulic equipment, machine tools, robots and high speed steel. They are proud to deliver products manufactured to the highest possible standards and maintain an ongoing commitment to incredible quality. Nachi provides a full range of bearing products for a wide variety of industry needs. They have continually pushed the limits of possibility, creating innovative flush-ground angular contact bearings, the highest capacity spherical bearings in the industry and numerous high-precision solutions for virtually any bearing application.

RBI BearingRBI Bearing

Since 1990, RBI Bearing has provided bearing solutions for industrial applications, such as, Food & Beverage, Conveyors, Steel Mills, Construction Equipment and more. Faster lead times, an expanding product line, state-of-the-art factories and a proprietary product quality management system has positioned RBI as a performance leader in the bearing industry. All of RBI bearings can be manufactured with their Armor Bearing Technology to significantly extend the life of your bearings and reduce metal to metal friction – saving time and operation costs. As a value added service, they offer precision machined parts, casting and assembly capabilities providing customers a comprehensive set of services. RBI is headquartered in Roselle, IL.

Belts, Pulleys, Chain, Sprockets & Couplings

Power Transmission is all about getting the power from your electric motors to the system or process they power. This can range from a simple belt and pulley system to more complex industrial multi-belt systems to chain and sprocket systems to direct coupled equipment. PDC brings its experience in the motor and power transmission equipment to the table when helping you solve your power transmission concerns.  Call us today and let us help select the right products for your project.

Ammeraal Beltech/Uni-Chain Ammeraal Beltech

Founded in 1950, Ammeraal Beltech is a global market leader in the design, manufacturing, fabrication and servicing of high-quality, high-performance process and conveyor belts, available today in 150 countries around the world. In every industry, improvements in production make new process solutions necessary. Working with customers and leading research institutions, Ammeraal Beltech has developed new conveying concepts that complement new systems and approaches. Within their purpose-built R&D centers, they are continuously optimizing products, meeting new challenges, such as higher operating speeds and temperatures, the need for increased cleanability and durability, and ever more stringent standards of hygiene and safety.

Baldor – Maska Baldor Maska

Baldor Electric Company markets, designs, and manufactures industrial electric motors, power transmission products, drives, and generators and is based in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Baldor acquired Poulies Maska, Inc. of Ste-Claire, Quebec, Canada. Maska is a designer, manufacturer and marketer of sheaves, bushings, couplings and related mechanical power transmission components. Baldor Electric Company’s mission is to be the best (as determined by customers) marketers, designers and manufacturers of industrial electric motors, mechanical power transmission products, drives and generators. Baldor makes sure customers get the right product when and where they need it.


BESTORQ® Power Transmission Belts have enjoyed great success in Europe, Africa, Australia, and South America since 1994, and in Asia since 1983. Now with USA operations offering BESTORQ® belts. Manufacturing V-belts is the main business and manufactured product of the company. Currently factory capacity is over 800,000 belts/day. Selective high quality machinery technology is being used to provide extremely high ongoing belt quality and durability. Ongoing dynamic testing and design is done in the USA. This is to ensure the levels of quality and durability are to those expected of the best USA manufacturers.

Carlisle/TimkenTimken Belts

Carlisle® belts by Timken is now Timken Belts. Everything about a Timken belt is weighed against the high standards associated with the Timken brand, from the science to the final rounds of rigorous testing. Timken Belts is part of The Timken Company’s growing portfolio of engineered bearings and power transmission products. A manufacturer of premium performance power transmission belts, Timken Belts’ associates and products help keep industry in motion and the world more productive.

Lovejoy LoveJoy

The Lovejoy brand is recognized around the world as the premier supplier of flexible shaft couplings and other power transmission components. The key to Lovejoy’s continued growth and success lies in the dedication to customers. Lovejoy became a global company by creating value for customers through innovative, cost-effective products and services. They consistently produce value-added, custom-engineered solutions that help customers gain the competitive edge they need to be successful in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. Lovejoy’s engineers possess a deep understanding of the industry and are dedicated to providing the best possible solutions to meet the changing needs of customers. Lovejoy is committed to producing the highest quality products. The use of state-of-art manufacturing equipment such as CNC turning, milling, and drilling allows Lovejoy to produce components to the most exacting specifications and quality standards. Lovejoy’s world headquarters is located in Downers Grove, Illinois, USA. Our USA manufacturing operations are based in Downers Grove, Illinois, and South Haven, Michigan. As a Timken company, we share the same mission, vision, values and guiding principles.

U.S. Tsubaki Tsubaki

The Tsubaki name is synonymous with excellence in quality, dependability and customer service. An intense focus on research and development, along with continuously modernized production facilities, has resulted in Tsubaki meeting the ever changing needs of the marketplace. As a part of this vast, international network of corporate and industrial resources, U.S. Tsubaki offers its customers the finest state-of-the-art power transmission products available in the world. And U.S. Tsubaki is well positioned to meet the challenges of the 21st century as they strive to be the “Best Value” supplier in the industry.


Material handling equipment is very application specific. From Food Service to Material Handling, selecting the right type of conveyor with proper control is critical to making sure your plant is operating at its peak efficiency. Consult PDC for application assistance in designing the right conveyor system for your facility!

Omni Metalcraft Corp.Omni Metalcraft Corp.

Omni Metalcraft Corp. has been supplying material handling components to loyal customers for over 40 years. Taking pride in providing high-quality standard and custom products, as well as the individual service and value that each customer deserves. In continuance of their goal to help provide the best material handling solution, they have strategically aligned several talented teams to focus specifically on the unique needs of customers in the OEM, Distributor, and System Integrator markets. Whether it’s the manufacturing of concrete blocks, automobiles, furniture, food processing or computers and office equipment, you can bet that Omni Metalcraft Corp. has supplied material handling components for nearly every industry.

Electric Power & Hand Tools

No matter the industry, Agriculture, Commercial, Construction, or Industrial, tools are used every day for something. PDC stocks a wide range of hand and power tools in a variety of brands, bringing you high quality tools at the best possible prices to help fit every budget. When you need tools, think PDC, our sales team will help you select the right tool for your project!

Bosch Bosch

Bosch is the worldwide leader in power tools and accessories. Through engineering and innovation Bosch brings the features and benefits to make your work easier, quicker and more comfortable through superior ergonomics. Bosch has the product or brand to meet the vast majority of your needs. Whether working in concrete, shaping wood or cutting metal Bosch is the answer. The Power Tools Division of the Bosch Group is the world market leader for power tools and power tool accessories. The core success factors are dedicated associates and a furious pace of innovation. Each year, Bosch launches more than 100 new power tools into the global market.

Hougen Hougen

Whether you are making holes onsite, for metal fabrication or factory applications, Hougen® Annular Cutters, Portable Magnetic Drills, Electro-hydraulic Hole Punchers and Accessories can help you be more productive, more profitable by getting the job done faster and with greater accuracy.


IDEAL brings you products that make your job easier; products that you can rely on, with warranties you can trust; products that are available whenever and wherever you need them. Every IDEAL product comes with the promise made by our founder more than 90 years ago, “An IDEAL product will provide a value greater than the price paid for it. Service is a part of the product.”

Milwaukee Tool Milwaukee Tool

Since the company began in 1924, Milwaukee Tool has led the industry in developing innovative solutions that deliver increased productivity and unmatched durability for professional construction users. Whether it is through their world-leading M12™ and M18™ cordless systems, the ground-breaking performance of the M12 and M18 FUEL™ products, jobsite lighting, time-saving accessories, or innovative hand tool and storage products, Milwaukee Tool is dedicated to delivering a continuous flow of advanced, trade-specific solutions.

Fastners & Hardware

Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Anchors.  Hardware is an everyday item that is an absolute necessity for anyone who builds or repairs anything!  PDC keeps those basic hardware items you use on a daily basis in stock. Contact or stop by today and let us take care of your hardware needs!

Dottie Dottie Fasteners

L.H. Dottie has a longstanding reputation as a leading supplier of quality products for electrical, plumbing/irrigation, HVAC, security/low voltage, industrial, and energy professionals. Dottie is proud to be family owned and operated since 1965. Their commitment to exceptional service, industry-leading quality, and uncompromising standards stems from a longstanding foundation built from the ground up. Today, Dottie is housed in a state-of-the art 50,000 square foot building with eight shipping bays. The 2-1/2 acre facility is located just south of downtown Los Angeles in Commerce, California, providing increased efficiency with its modern building and superior customer service. An additional warehouse has been opened in Oklahoma City to provide the same famous Dottie Service to the Mid-West and Eastern Seaboard.

Powers Fastening Innovations Powers Fastening Innovations

Powers Fasteners is the leading supplier of concrete and masonry anchors in North America and has been a leader in the fastening industry since 1921. Founded as the Rawplug Company inc, the Powers family changed the name to Powers Fasteners in 1996 as the company expanded internationally with operations overseas. Powers expanded into Australia, Asia and Europe dictated the name change from Rawplug to Powers, a name which the Powers family owns worldwide. Powers is an ISO-9001 international anchoring products company with extensive expertise in the following product groups: Mechanical Anchors, Adhesive Anchoring Systems, Wall Anchors, Roofing Fasteners, Carbide Drill Bits, and powered force-entry systems such as Powder Actuated, and Gas Fastening.

Gear Reducers

Gear Reducers are used in a variety of Industrial and Food Processing applications and are a critical part of most power transmission systems. Selecting the right reducer for your application or replacement of an existing unit is very important. Here at PDC we have all types of reducers available including Bevel, Helical, Worm, and more. This insures that you, our customer, receive the most effective reducer to fit your application and budget.Consult with the Power Transmission Experts at PDC to get the right Gear Reducer for your next project.

Grove Gear Grove Gear

Grove Gear® drives are industry leaders in industrial-duty gear reducers and gear motors, and their worm speed reducers and ratio multipliers lead the power transmission industry in performance, cost savings, and reduced downtime. Grove Gear gear drives are found in crane, material handling, pulp and paper, and a host of additional industries where quality and dependability are paramount. Products include cast iron, aluminum and stainless steel worm gear reducers, as well as helical-inline, helical-bevel and helical-worm options. Grove Gear also offers the IronMan E Series, an innovation in the power transmission industry. This unique product offers a green solution to meet the increasing demands for efficiency.

Hub City® Gearing Hub City Gearing

Since 1892, Hub City® power transmission components have been known for their leading edge technology and exceptional engineering capabilities. With an offering of over 50% modified or completely customized products, they take pride in the well-known reputation for providing cost effective solutions to meet customers’ needs.

Leeson Electric Leeson

The LEESON® brand spans thousands of ac motors, dc motors, gearmotors, and variable speed solutions. Whether you need electric motors for OEM applications or a single replacement motor, you can count on the LEESON brand to deliver solutions that last. Since the brand’s inception in 1939, LEESON has become a notable brand within the motor market, presenting countless commercial and industrial applications. LEESON is a member of the Regal Beloit family of brands, headquartered in Beloit, WI, a leading manufacturer of electric motors, mechanical and electrical motion controls, and power generation products.

SEW Eurodrive SEW Eurodrive

SEW’s product is motion. SEW’s focus is solutions. As a worldwide supplier of innovative gearing, motor, and electronic drive technology they have been solving problems in large and small applications within virtually every industry for over 80 years. Specializing in reducing the total cost of ownership with customer-specific energy saving solutions. SEW-EURODRIVE can meet your needs with a vast line of Power Transmission products.

Sterling Sterling Electric

Sterling Electric, Inc.’s primary business is the production of AC Induction Motors, Worm Gear (Right Angle) and Helical (Inline) Reducers and Gearmotors. Sterling Electric leads the way in the production of a complete line of Stainless Steel Motors ranging from 1/4 to 30 Horsepower. Stainless Steel Worm Gear Reducers ranging from Sub-fractional input ratings to 5 Horsepower, in both Single and Double Reductions 5:1 through 3600:1 Ratios. Stainless Steel Helical Reducers ranging from 1/4 to 10 Horsepower Input, and their product design of Helical Worm Reducers that directly interchange with many European design products.


Hoists come in a variety of configurations, from simple chain and ratchet hoists to electric and pneumatic operated. PDC offers crane, jib, or simple top hook design. We have been supplying and supporting hoists for most application’s commonly found in Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, and Foundry. Contact us for all of your hoist needs and let us use our years of experience to help you select the right product for your application.

Coffing Hoists Coffing Hoists

Coffing Hoists offers a diverse range of lifting and positioning products, including manual and powered hoists and trolleys. Widely recognized in manufacturing plants throughout North America, Coffing provides economical, user-friendly hand chain hoists and lever tools for maintenance and repair staff. To maximize production within the plant, Coffing’s line of powered hoists stands for reliability and efficiency.

Harrington HoistsHarrington Hoists and Cranes

Harrington Hoists, Inc. is located in Manheim, PA and Corona, CA, and is a leading supplier and manufacturer of revolutionary manual, electric and air chain hoists as well as wire rope hoists, crane components, complete overhead bridge cranes and a full line of replacement parts. Known in their industry for world class products, a driven sales focus and outstanding customer services that are unmatched in today’s market, Harrington is committed to do whatever it takes to satisfy customers’ needs. Harrington Hoists is a wholly owned subsidiary and manufacturing site of Kito Corporation which is the largest producer of chain and wire rope hoists in the world.

Yale Hoist Yale Hoists

Yale represents one of the most popular brands in the material handling industry, with users specifying it for applications ranging from offshore oil platforms to pulp and paper production. Known for a wide range of wire rope products, the Yale brand stands for top quality and performance. Primarily supplied through crane builders as part of complete overhead lifting systems, Yale products are used in hundreds of industries around the globe. In addition to the premier line of wire rope hoists, manual hoists and lever tools are also available under the popular Yale brand.


The right tool for the right job, the proper lubricant is one of the most important tools on any job!  From air compressor oils to penetrating oil it is important to make sure you are using the right lubricant to protect your equipment and keep it working properly. From loosening rusty parts to cleaning electrical connections, the right lubricant product can also make your projects go more smoothly. Let the experts at PDC help you select the right lubricant to protect your equipment or make your next project easier!

CRC ChemicalCRC Chemical

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemical maintenance products for over 50 years, CRC has made a commitment to provide the best solution for customers. CRC can help meet the challenges of today’s highly regulated environment by offering a full line of specialty chemical products custom-matched to meet every application need. CRC began in a Pennsylvania garage in 1958 as Corrosion Reaction Consultants with a single product: CRC Corrosion Inhibitor, a multi-purpose lubricant. Today, CRC is a global supplier of specialty products and formulations, manufacturing over 1,300 items and developing specialized formulas to meet the unique needs of the Automotive, Marine, Heavy Truck, Hardware, Electrical, Industrial and Aviation markets.

Schaeffer Lubricants Schaeffer's Lubricants

Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants: synthetic motor oils, hydraulic fluids, and diesel fuel additives have achieved a world-class reputation for improving engine performance and fuel economy, but their diverse product line includes all types of industrial lubricants, industrial greases, and industrial oils as well as specialty items like our chain lubes and degreasers. The Schaeffer Philosophy: to provide advanced lubricants for improved performance, reliability and fuel economy.


Pumps come in a variety of sizes and configurations, each with different capacities and specific applications.  From basic condensation to large wastewater and sewage, pumps are used every day to move fluid from one area to another and to also protect facilities from flooding. PDC supports these applications and can help you select the right pump for your application. Contact PDC for all your fluid pumping needs!

ASCO Valve, Inc. Asco Valve

ASCO is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of quality fluid control products such as, RedHat solenoid valves, miniature valves, fuel gas and oil products, and redundant control systems. ASCO products are designed to control the flow of air, gas, water, oil and steam. With an extensive line of ASCO products that range from two position on/off valves to entire flow control solutions designed to meet requirements of thousands of customers. Whether you need a minor modification of a core product or a complete flow control solution, ASCO can help. ASCO’s broad offerings in fluid control solutions integrate with hundreds of process, industrial, analytical and medical applications.

Little Giant Little Giant Pumps

Little Giant Pump Company is actually the result of a problem encountered by a plumber back in 1926. Today, Little Giant is part of Franklin Electric a global leader in the production and marketing of systems and components for the movement of water and automotive fuels. Recognized as a technical leader in its specialties, Franklin serves customers around the world in residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, municipal, and fueling applications. Long recognized as the world’s largest manufacturer of submersible electric motors, Franklin Electric has been able to leverage its expertise in motor applications to grow and serve several different markets. The principal application for Franklin products is clean water pumping systems, where the company offers pumps, motors, drives, and controls for use in a wide variety of residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial installations. Franklin also serves the water transfer market with products that include wastewater pumps; sump, sewage, effluent pumps; dewatering and trash pumps; condensate pumps; magnetic drive pumps; low pressure sewer systems; water garden pumps and products; and a wide variety of utility pumps.

Work Space Solutions

An organized workspace is a productive workspace!  Every workspace has different needs, from shelving, parts bins, cabinets, tool storage and work benches. Whether it is simply adding some parts bins or a cabinet to the production floor or a complete shop system, PDC can get any type of workspace solution your facility needs to improve its productivity!

Lyon Workspace ProductsLyon Workplace Solutions

Founded in 1901, Lyon has grown to become the largest and leading manufacturer and supplier of top-quality lockers, industrial storage and workspace products. The primary mission is the continuing development of innovative high-quality products that serve customer’s needs and provide the best possible locker, storage and workspace solutions. As storage solution experts, Lyon helps customers to organize products while maximizing storage. Let Lyon products help you optimize your warehouse, store rooms, and facilities.

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