Since inventing the original bearing isolator in 1977, Inpro/Seal® has upheld their commitment to deliver innovative sealing solutions and superior customer service; the right technology, right when you need it. Their technology increases the reliability of your applications and provides real cost savings by improving the mean time between repair (MTBR). All Inpro/Seal products are custom engineered to fit your exact requirements and offer a permanent solution to many of the costly maintenance problems that disrupt normal production. Their outstanding customer service and streamlined production process allow for same day shipments on most products, including new designs. You’ll find Inpro/Seal’s distinct product line installed on a variety of rotating equipment across multiple industries.

Inpro/Seal is the world leader in the design and manufacture of custom engineered system and bearing protection for rotating equipment.


Bearing Isolator

The Inpro/Seal Bearing Isolator is a custom engineered, non-contacting seal that permanently protects your application from lubrication loss and contamination ingress.


The latest in shaft current mitigation technology, the Inpro/Seal CDR and MGS utilizes proprietary conductive filaments to safely divert harmful shaft currents away from the bearings, to ground, in VFD-driven applications.

Air Mizer®

The non-contacting Inpro/Seal Air Mizer uses a positive purge to permanently seal product applications from costly product loss and contamination. Stainless steel and USDA designs are specifically designed to meet the operating standards of the Food Processing Industry.

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