Grace Engineered Products

Grace Engineered Products is the leading innovator of permanent electrical safety devices (PESDs), and ships products all over the world including Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America. GracePort®, their brand of PLC ports, has revolutionized the automation industry by allowing customers to custom-design their port to meet their specific needs. Their ability to provide the customer with exactly what they need and ship 90% of their orders within 24 hours of receiving the purchase request means they live up to their motto of being the easiest company with which you can do business. Grace Engineered Products is a privately owned company and located in Davenport, Iowa.

Grace Engineered Products is the leading innovator of Permanent Electrical Safety Devices.

  • Grace Port Customized PLC Programming Ports
  • Temporary Panel Covers
  • ChekVolt Non-Contact Voltage Portal
  • Voltage Vision LED Voltage Indicator
  • Combo Units combine Voltage Vision & ChekVolt

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