Phillips Day-BriteCompany Overview:

Located in Tupelo, MS, Philips Day-Brite is a world class lighting manufacturer providing high quality state-of-the-art luminaires. Philips Day-Brite takes seriously our important economic role as a major Mississippi manufacturer, and takes pride in our quality of products and investments toward the development of our region.

Committed to promoting sustainability, Day-Brite became an Energy Star partner and constructed a LEED certified Lighting Institute in 2007. The Lighting Institute is now powered by Green Electricity and serves to host sustainability seminars to educate our customers about the benefits of energy efficient lighting. Our 500,000 square foot manufacturing facility uses Optimization and Minimization to develop green manufacturing processes and reduce our environmental footprint. In recognition of the importance of providing our customers with green resources as well, we are continually developing green lighting products for both new and existing applications. Day-Brite also proudly manufactures over 80% of our products in two manufacturing facilities, both located in the U.S.A.

Capitalizing on technological advancements, superior quality, aesthetic design, and energy efficiency, Philips Day-Brite offers a total lighting solution for any application needs.

Architectural Recessed LED
Canopy LED Products
LED Docklight
Wall Lighting LED
Flood Lighting LED
Area/Site Lighting LED

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