Belts That Better the Bottom Line

Reduce Downtime and Save Energy with PDC and Carlisle

In today's world of rising energy costs, solutions can be hard to find. Your answer can be as simple as using Carlisle's family of high efficiency power transmission products.

PDC is your Source of Savings
System performance is at the mercy of its weakest link. Industry has made intensive efforts to improve the efficiency and productivity of motors and driven equipment. Often, however, relatively little attention is given to the belt drive connecting these two components.

Now, you can quickly and easily save energy with Carlisle Super II, Power-Wedge Cog, Gold Ribbon Cog-Belts and Panther Plus. Payback is significant and begins immediately! The greater the number of drives and the higher the horsepower of your drive, the more you save!

Carlisle Gold Ribbon® Cog-Belt®
Install Carlisle Gold Ribbon Cog-Belts on your existing V-Belt drive to realize immediate energy savings without changing sheaves or modifying your drive! Conventional V-Belts deteriorate to a nominal efficiency of 93 percent. Carlisle Gold Ribbon Cog-Belts maintain higher efficiency ratings, resulting in significant savings. Gold Ribbon’s higher horsepower capacity and longer life also reduces maintenance intervals and down time.

Carlisle Panther Plus®
Drive out inefficiency and put some teeth into your energy conservation program with Panther Plus. This super high-torque belt was developed to elevate the range of power transmission with synchronous belts. Panther Plus is 98-99 percent efficient and will retain this efficiency with minimal maintenance. This significant increase in efficiency results in system payback within a very short period of time!

Maximize Efficiency! The U.S. Department of Energy confirms that cogged belts “run cooler, last longer, and have an efficiency that is about 2% higher than that of standard V-belts”. Synchronous belts “offer an efficiency of 98% and maintain that efficiency over a wide load range”.

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