Precision Drive and Control opened for business 40 years ago in Monroe, WI, specializing in Electric Motor Sales and Service.  As the business grew, so did the range of products and services that were offered, as well as the opening of the Freeport, IL location.

The Electric Motor Facility would grow and expand into more than just a motor shop.  Both Locations, Monroe and Freeport, expanded the Electric Motor services capability, including larger horsepower and the ability to handle more configurations and enclosures.  Machine shop services were added to compliment the motor services, giving us the capability to assist our customers in many more ways than ever before.  The next addition to the shop would be our Field Services.  Our Field Services were developed to offer customers additional services that would complement both their motor and motor control systems, but would also complement our customer's own facility maintenance service.  By offering such services as Laser Alignment, Vibration Analysis, and Field Balancing, we are able to help our customers improve their production line reliability.

The Sales and Distribution side of Precision Drive and Control (PDC) would grow just as quickly as the motor shop, with both the Monroe and Freeport locations expanding in 2 key areas: Electrical Supplies and Mechanical Supplies. Key to this growth would be the expansion of the Electric Motor Manufacturers which PDC represented. These added Manufacturers provided the necessary coverage to fit virtually any Electric Motor need related to the Industry and Geographic area PDC covered.  The expansion continued with Motor Control and Accessories such as Starters, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD's), Disconnects, and more. To better support our Food and Dairy, Industrial, Large Commercial, and Agricultural Clients, more diverse items would be added such as Wiring Devices, Fuses, Breakers, Power Supplies, Lighting Products, Cord, Power tools, and Hardware items just to name a few.

As PDC has grown over the years, we have never forgotten our past and we continued to be focused on Electric Motors and Motor Control.  We pride ourselves on offering our customers the kind of high horsepower expertise that only 40 years in Electric Motor and Motor Control industry can provide. Our commitment to you the Customer, is what has, and what will continue to motivate PDC to never settle on second best.

Precision Drive and Control is proud to have celebrated our 40th Anniversary in 2016 and we could not have done it without you, our customers!

Stop in or contact us today to learn more about the PDC difference!  Let us win your business and become a valued business partner for the next 40!

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